Counting Roosters: Auctions and Everything After

Another night of treasure hunting in the books! This time Mrs. M  of Country Design Home and I headed to Crown Auctions in Medford to check out what was on the auction block and see if anything was worth raising our numbers. We’ve been there before (and Mrs. M wrote a great post about Crown here). If you’ve never been to an auction, it’s definitely…interesting. The folks at Crown are super nice and I literally laughed out loud (LLOL’d) a few times at their banter and one-liners. Tonight people were getting killer buys on things like furniture ($25 for a dining room table and chairs) as well as breaking the bank for not-so-hidden treasures.

This sign sold for almost $600!

This sign sold for almost $600!

I think that’s part of why I like going so much – as the bids start flying around I think to myself “What do these people know about this object that I don’t? I didn’t even give that vase a second glance and now it’s almost $700?” It’s a great way to get a bargain, grab some cheap inventory and make some (hopefully minor) mistakes as you’re learning the ropes…

…and buy metallic poultry!

My two new friends

My two new friends

Sure did. I couldn’t resist these guys and knew that as long as the price was right, they were coming home to Waltham with me. They’ll end up for sale eventually but for right now, they’re just chilling. Roosting? Whatever.

You good, bro?

Seat belts save lives.

Buckle up, Lil Duck!

Buckle up, Lil Duck!

I made sure they were safe and sound on the car ride home. It turns out, I’m actually a pro at driving poultry around in my car, as I scored this guy last year from my Aunt & Uncle.

It's a rooster AND a lamp!

It’s a rooster AND a lamp!

As a gesture of solidarity, I even played Counting Crows on the way home.

And even though Mrs. M hates birds, she still got a kick out of the handcrafted rooster and water fowl. Although maybe she was still just pining over our favorite friend from the Vintage Bazaar last week?

Photo courtesy of Country  Design Home

Photo courtesy of Country Design Home

I’ll be writing about some of my other finds soon (hint: misogyny!) but until then, the bird’s the word.


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