The F***ing Egg Plate

First market in the books! The weather was hot, the crowd was lukewarm and my medium iced coffee was cold for the 38 seconds of its existence before I drank the entire thing. I would consider it a success, not because I sold a lot (I did not) but because I was finally out there on the other side of the dealer’s booth. The first time of many, I hope.

It was an early morning start, I hit the road at 5:30 a.m. to pick up my parents’ SUV (which they so generously let me borrow for the day, and also make up 50% of this blog’s readership. Hi Mom and Dad!) and met up with Mrs. M from Country Design Home.

We headed up to Amesbury and set up our booth. Luckily, our EZ-UP tent stayed true to its name and we had no* (*very few) problems figuring out how to put it up.

The before shot. The after shot has a whole 5 items less!

The before shot. The after shot has a whole 5 items less!

We had lots of great stuff, from awesome canisters and china to bottles, burlap and crocks. (Teachable moment: A crock  with a “k” is a piece of earthenware. A croc without a “k” is an ugly shoe. The more you know!)



Awesome stuff!

Awesome stuff!

One of the most surprising sales of the day was what I lovingly refer to as “The Creepy Crying Girls Plate” because it is a plate that features four creepy crying girls. Sometimes I’m not very creative with names.

The Creepy Crying Girls Plate

The Creepy Crying Girls Plate

My favorite moment of the day, however, involved the f***ing egg plate. If you know me in real-life, you’re likely aware of the fact that I have the handwriting of an 8-year old boy. I even received a “C” in handwriting in third grade. Third grade! It was my first (but not last) foray into the terrifying fear that comes along with potentially disappointing my parents. I cried for days over my terrible, terrible handwriting. (But my answers were always right, weren’t they, third grade teacher Mrs. Richards?! Weren’t they?!) Anyway. So Mrs. M misread my tag for a lovely blue Fire-King egg plate as saying “A f***ing egg plate” and I could not stop laughing. And really, she knows me so it was an easy mistake to make considering that does sound like something I would do.

The F***ing Egg Plate

The F***ing Egg Plate

Overall, it was a very slow day, good foot traffic but folks didn’t seem to be looking for antiques as much as they were looking for books on tape and $3 picture frames. So at about 1 pm we packed up our respective CRVs and hit the road. I’m  looking forward to the next market though, even if I have to get up at 3 am to drive to Todd Farm to do it. A cup of coffee, a plate of f***ing eggs and I’ll be off!

(Author’s note- On Friday night, Mrs. M and family had to say goodbye to Daisy, their beloved dog. Daisy would have turned 16 this year and was one of the most wonderful and loving dogs I have ever known. I was lucky to spend the following day with Mrs. M and know that Daisy is greatly missed. Thinking of the whole M family. xoxo)


9 thoughts on “The F***ing Egg Plate

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  2. As a veteran of many outdoor flea market ,I sure can relate to this story! It’s finding the right venue and I think Todd Farm will be a much better fit for you. Good luck and stay strong!

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